About us

About MMORPGMANIA Network.
MMORPGMANIA started officially in January 2009 as italian MMO Games forum, lately we introduced a blog to post news, the blog is now a little portal with nomore limitations in posting news but we’re also publishing previews, reviews and interviews. MMORPGMANIA italian network counts also 10+ dedicated fansites, some of them are the best italian fansites for the games they talk about.
Our community counts around 2500+ users and we’re keep increasing in numbers and quality. Our users average age is 25 yo, so I would say it’s a very quiet and mature MMO Gamers community.
We started also, approx one year ago, to post news in english as well (on mmorpgmania.com) letting our archive grows up before start a real MMORPG portal as we did with the italian version.
Since January 2011 MMORPGMANIA.com is operative. We post news on daily basis with previews and interviews as well.
Our network is growing steadily and we’re continue improving day by day, we really hope MMORPGMANIA Network will become one of the more suitable place for mature players as well as we hope in a positive response, and a collaboration, from the game companies like yours.

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