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We’re looking for:

  • Forum moderators
  • Generic MMORPG Newser
  • Aion writers
  • Allods Online writers
  • Berkanix writers
  • Everquest 3 writers
  • Final Fantasy XIV writers
  • Forsaken World writers
  • Lineage 3 writers
  • Project Titan writers
  • Rift writers
  • Tera writers
  • Warhammer 40.000 Dark Millennium Online writers
  • World of Warcraft writers
  • Not listed game writers
  • Translators (russian, chinese, korean)
  • Other

What a writer do?
A writer will help us publishing news, infos, contents and guides for the game he’s associated with.

At the moment there aren’t any cash payments.
What we can offer*:

  • Exclusive gadgets
  • Alpha or Closed Beta accounts
  • Full refund for one (or more) day game conventions ticket such E3 or GamesCom
  • Long term collaboration period (min 12 months) will give you a chance (mostly likely “grant you”) to have a refund for the game subscription you are writing for.

*Please note: we cannot grant you anything of the above since sometimes things are not under our control or budget is limited.

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 Forum moderator Generic MMORPG Newser Aion writer Allods Online writer Berkanix writer Everquest 3 writer Final Fantasy XIV writer Forsaken World writer Lineage 3 writer Project Titan writer Rift writer Tera writer Warhammer 40.000 Dark Millennium Online writer World of Warcraft writer Not listed game writer Translator - Russian Translator - Chinese Translator - Korean Other

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